CMZ - Heavy Duty Box Way Multi-Axis Chuckers

Our history dates back more than 75 years building machine tools near Bilbao, Spain.  The Zumarraga Family began building planing and shaping machines in 1945.  They designed their first lathe in the early 1970’s, and decided to continue this tradition of focusing on one core competency which is to build the highest quality CNC Turning machines possible.  This focus gas brought CMZ great growth, and a solid reputation as a  proven commodity in Europe.  The fourth generation of the Zumarraga family decided to conquer North America in 2020, and have joined Eurotech to be their sole importer.  These multi axis chucker machines incorporate many unique features not found on other brands such as higher HP and RPM Live Tools; Oil cooled spindles, ball screw nuts and turrets; and Laser compensation of All Axes including the C Axis.

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