About Merrifield Machinery

Back in November of 2007, Nick Merrifield envisioned a Solution to a problem.

Nick had grown up in the family business. His family business was wrenching on machines, CNC machines in particular. Nick’s dad, Mark, had been teaching him the art of CNC machine repair ever since Nick could use a ratchet. He had become a bit of a machine tool savant, and had gained a reputation as “The guy who can fix the machines that nobody else could fix”.

Here is the problem as Nick saw it: His customers were clamoring for a reliable and capable service organization. They were up to their eyes with machine tool salesmen, but couldn’t get a knowledgeable service guy for weeks at a time. Machine downtime is expensive for manufacturers, and it frustrated Nick that he was not allowed to focus on the needs of his customers. For some reason, Nick just couldn’t become passionate about some parent company’s balance sheet, and their focus on sales, sales, and more sales, without the service and support his customers desperately needed.

With all that in mind, Nick purchased an old Chevy cargo van from retiring painter for $800, loaded it up with tools, and Merrifield Machinery Solutions was born. In 2009, Mike Boren joined Nick, brought years of experience as service manager with him, and by the end of that year, Merrifield Machinery Solutions had grown to six people. A few years later, in 2011, Rich Rohn joined the ownership team. Merrifield was now representing SNK America, Awea, and Goodway, and the first machine was sold,four years after the company was founded.

Nick, Mike, and Rich all shared the same vision. Service first. If we build the strongest machine tool service company around, the news will spread, and sales opportunities will follow. We will only sell the machines that are world class quality, and we’ll be ready to service them whenever our customers need us. A parts department was added, to insure that our guys in the field will have what they need, when they need it.

2013 was a year of ups and downs. In May, we lost our friend Mike Boren to a heart attack. It was a huge blow to the Merrifield Machinery Solutions family, which had grown to 23 people. We pulled together, determined to stay focused on our shared vision, which had not changed. Our continued goal is to be a world class machine tool service company, and sell world class machine tools.


Mike Boren

Mike Boren 1

Merrifield Machinery Solutions has lost a member of our family. Mike Boren passed away on Sunday, May the 5th, 2013, and will be missed by everyone at Merrifield Machinery Solutions, along with so many more that knew and loved Mike.