Tool and die makers brace for busy two years

The next two years are shaping up to be a busy time for tool and die makers in West Michigan and beyond. That’s according to industry insiders who say an abundance of new vehicle launches between 2018 and 2020 have most tool and die shops running at capacity as they try to keep up with […]

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Omega Plastics utilizes GROB & Merrifield to automate mold manufacturing

The right mindset, the right five-axis technology and an intuitive approach to palletization help Omega Plastics extend automated control to the majority of its high-mix work. Machining scaled up along with workholding, both in terms of size and sophistication, Mr. Arbic says. The first major change was from a three-axis VMC to one with a two-axis […]

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Successful manufacturing careers, no college degree required!

Not Every Successful Career Starts with a College Degree “It’s time to redefine the definition of success.” That was a key point made by CNC Software President Meghan West, who was the keynote speaker at University of South Florida College of Education’s luncheon in Tampa. She explained why specialized training in manufacturing skills may be […]

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West Michigan automotive suppliers respond to increase in new model launches

Automakers’ desire to quicken the pace of new vehicle launches has sent shock waves through the industry’s supply chain. Driven by emerging technologies, government regulation and heightened competition, automakers have shortened new model cycles and increased the frequency of mid-cycle refreshes. The impact of those changes has started to shake up the industry’s suppliers, including […]

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Michigan Manufacturing Growth!

Michigan created the most net new jobs in May, according to the most recent state employment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the motor vehicle and parts output rebounding… Continue Reading…

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Aerospace manufacturing growth ahead!

Rapid growth in the aerospace industry could pose its share of challenges for West Michigan-based suppliers that are already plagued by capacity constraints. With newly secured contracts and plant expansions, local tier-1 suppliers have taken action as a result of a substantial uptick in business related to a wave of new aerospace programs Read more…

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