Haimer Toolholders Increase Productivity, Process Reliability

Haimer Toolholders Increase Productivity, Process Reliability

Due to the positive form and frictional clamping system made by HAIMER, MTU Aero Engines (Munich, Germany) has been able to increase reliability in the process of machining difficult-to-cut materials while also decreasing its processing times.

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MTU Aero Engines engages in the design, development, manufacturing and support of commercial and military aircraft engines in all thrust and power categories and stationary gas turbines. Due to HAIMER’s patented Safe-Lock pull out protection system, MTU was able to optimize its machining process in the production of structural frames and castings.

Jet engines are high-tech products. In their production, innovative technologies and processes are used. To keep current technologically, MTU develops innovative manufacturing strategies, and if necessary obtains additional external expertise. This was the case when MTU contacted HAIMER, a toolholding specialist from Igenhausen, Germany, to help optimize the demanding machining process of manufacturing frames and castings…

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