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Since 2007, Merrifield Machinery Solutions has been servicing Michigan’s largest manufacturers and machine shops.

We help our customers make sound capital investments, control costs and extend the life of their equipment to meet production demands. It all started with our Principal/Technical Director, Nick Merrifield, who envisioned a solution to a problem he saw continually happening in our industry.

Here is the problem as he saw it: customers were clamoring for a reliable and capable service organization. They were up to their eyes with machine tool salesmen, but couldn’t get a knowledgeable service guy for weeks at a time. Machine downtime is expensive for manufacturers, and he believed service providers should have more of a focus on the needs of their customers.

With that in mind, Merrifield Machinery Solutions was born. A few years later our company began representing top industrial suppliers such as Awea and SNK America. We started selling these top brands a mere three years after our company was officially founded.

Our company has a specific vision. Service first. If we build the strongest machine tool service company around, the news will spread and sales opportunities will follow. We guarantee to only sell machines with world class quality, and we’ll be ready to service them whenever our customers need us. The last piece of our puzzle was a parts department. We made this addition to ensure that our guys in the field will have what they need, when they need it. Just another way we’re working toward a better future for our customers. Call or contact us today to see how our solutions and services can better your operations.


Personal Support for Your Manufacturing Operation!

We help our customers make sound capital investments, control costs, and extend the life of equipment to meet production demands. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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