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The AWEA MVP-7032

Cross Rail Bridge Type 5-face Machining Center
Packed with AWEA’s industry leading technology and high quality components, the MVP series double column bridge type 5-face machining center gives you automatic multi-face cutting power with maximum working range. Combined with rock-solid cross rail construction ( W-axis ), these series is provided with 49.2″ ( 1,250 mm ) large W-axis travel, 39.3″ ~ 55.1″ ( 1,000 ~ 1,400 mm ) Z-axis travel, any-position automatic horizontal / vertical tool changer, and automatic optional heads exchange to fulfill all your work needs for today and tomorrow.

Advanced Spindle Design
Based on your requirements, the standard 4,000 rpm high torque 2-step auto-exchange gear transmission can be optional equipped with either direct drive spindle or built-in spindle to provide more cutting flexibility. ( Coolant through spindle is also available )

The main spindle, spindle motor, Z-axial ball screw, twin hydraulic cylinders and gear box are symmetrically placed to minimize thermal expansion and unbalanced torque while maintaining long term cutting accuracy.

Our unique floating unclamping design eliminates harmful force to the spindle bearings during unclamping process to assure spindle accuracy.

Heavy Duty Working Table
The working table is fully supported with 4 heavy duty guide-way rails. ( linear guide ways x2, Box way x 2 )

It is heat-treated and precise scraped with maximum loading up to 39,600 lbs. ( 18,000 kg – MVP-5032 )

High Performance Horizontal / Vertical Automatic Tool Changer ( ATC )
High efficient servo tool magazine can horizontally / vertically change tool at any position in the W-axis which greatly decreases non-cutting working time.

Standard tool magazine : 48-station arm type ATC ( 60-station ATC is also available ).

High Rigidity Construction
The bed, columns and cross rail are adopted with high rigidity box structure design and applied with prolonged annealing process to assure a firm construction for high machining precision.

Super size double-column structure fully supports the cross rail to prevent structural distortion under long-hours cutting conditions.

Standard Horizontal Spindle Head

The X-axis ball screw is equipped with vibration damping mechanism ( applicable for 6 m travel and above models only ) to eliminate vibration and distortion while ensuring fully travel cutting accuracy.

The Z-axis is employed with THK NR75 precision linear quide way to provide optimum rigidity, durability and stability.

Standard Z-axis travel : 1,000 mm ( 39.3″ ) ( 1,200 and 1,400 mm ( 47.2″ and 55.1″ ) are also available ).

The W-axis ( with large 49.2″ ( 1,250 mm ) travel ) is adopted with high rigidity box way design to provide better vibration damping and reduce distortion.

The W-axis is driven by our industry leading double-digital servo motor ” simultaneous-controlled technology ” which is applied with our gantry Type LG Series, having sold over 300 units around the world.

The cross rail movement is balanced with double hydraulic cylinder and cna be locked in any position using 6 pcs. of hydraulic locking mechanism which greatly increases the overall cutting rigidity of the spindle, column and cross rail.

User-Friendly Interface
The Standard Five Sided Coordinate Conversion System is synchronized to the cutting conditions which saves a great deal of time in the working process.

Standard CNC control : FANUC Oi-MD ( other controllers are also available ).

Standard Horizontal Spindle Head
The high rigidity curvic coupling provides 5° increments ( 72 positions ) for maximum multi-faceted cutting capability.

The horizontal spindle head is adopted with oil mist lubrication system. Maximum spindle speed can reach up to 2,400 rpm.

Standard Horizontal Spindle Head
High Machining Flexibility

Awea’s proprietary self-developed high quality optional heads including the extension head, 35° angular head and universal head are available to provide working flexibility for various machining applications.

Additional Information

X-axis Travel

Y-axis Travel

Z-axis Travel

W-axis travel

Dist. between columns

Dist. from spindle nose to table top

Table size ( X x Y )

Table load capacity

Max. spindle speed

Spindle motor ( cont. / 30 min. )

Spindle taper

X-axis rapids

Y-axis rapids

Z-axis rapids

W-axis rapids

Cutting feedrate

Tool magazine capacity

Max. tool diameter / adj. pocket empty

Max. tool length

Max. tool weight

Positioning accuracy (JIS B 6338)

Positioning accuracy ( VDI 3441 )

Repeatability ( JIS B 6338 )

Repeatability ( VDI 3441 )

Power requirement

Hydraulic unit tank capacity

Lubrication oil tank capacity

Coolant tank capacity

Machine weight