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The AWEA VP-3012HD

Based on superior rigidity structure combined with powerful spindle output and well featured key components accomplish the HD series to achieve outstanding heavy cutting capability.

Gear spindle design provides torque output up to 642 N-m.

Enforced structure design of bridge and base accomplishes stronger structural rigidity with up to 20% enhancement. ( compare to previous model. )

X / Y axes adopts high rigidity and high precision roller type linear guide ways.

Z-axis uses high rigidity box ways which are strictly thoroughly heat treated and precisely grinded, best suits for heavy-duty cutting.

Exterior design of full enclosed splash guard with extension operation doors achieves safety protection and wide opening for ease of loading parts.

Additional Information

X-axis Travel

Y-axis Travel

Z-axis Travel

Dist. from spindle nose to table top

Dist. between columns

Table size ( X direction )

Table size ( Y direction )

Table load capacity

Spindle motor ( cont. / 30 min. )

Spindle speed

Spindle taper

X-axis rapid feedrate

Y-axis rapid feedrate

Z-axis rapid feedrate

Cutting feedrate

Tool magazine capacity

Max. tool diameter / adj. pocket empty

Max. tool length

Max. tool weight

Positioning accuracy (JIS B 6338)

Positioning accuracy ( VDI 3441 )

Repeatability ( JIS B 6338 )

Repeatability ( VDI 3441 )

Power requirement

Hydraulic unit tank capacity

Lubrication oil tank capacity

Coolant tank capacity

Machine weight