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The AWEA VP-3012HS

The AWEA VP-HS series high speed bridge type machining centers are designed for high precision parts as required by the mold industry. we implement cutting-edge R&D techniques and stringent assembly procedures in the construction of the VP-HS series, making its mechanical rigidity, machining accuracy, and productivity superior.

The modular design allows for either direct-driven spindles or built-in motorized spindles to provide flexibility for different working conditions.

Super rigid roller type linear guide ways on the X、Y、Z axes offer heavy-duty cutting, fast movement, and low abrasion capabilities.

The high quality extension splash door design makes loading and unloading of the workpiece very convenient for operators.

Spindle speed:
Direct-driven spindle 8,000 ~ 15,000 rpm
Built-in motorized spindle 12,000 ~ 20,000 rpm

X / Y / Z axes rapid feed rate: 24*1 / 24 / 20 m/min. *1 : Slightly different according to model size

Additional Information

X-axis Travel

Y-axis Travel

Z-axis Travel

Dist. from spindle nose to table top

Dist. between columns

Table size ( X direction )

Table size ( Y direction )

Table load capacity

Spindle motor ( cont. / 30 min. )

Spindle speed

Spindle taper

X-axis rapid feedrate

Y-axis rapid feedrate

Z-axis rapid feedrate

Cutting feedrate

Tool magazine capacity

Max. tool diameter / adj. pocket empty

Max. tool length

Max. tool weight

Positioning accuracy (JIS B 6338)

Positioning accuracy ( VDI 3441 )

Repeatability ( JIS B 6338 )

Repeatability ( VDI 3441 )

Power requirement

Hydraulic unit tank capacity

Lubrication oil tank capacity

Coolant tank capacity

Machine weight