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The VTC1612 is a highly rigid vertical turning center designed for heavy cutting applications. This machine features a hydrostatic table with C-axis indexing, a puzzle-type magazine for greater tooling flexibility, and automatic head changes. The VTC1612’s spindle utilizes a curvic gear-tooth coupler for increased rigidity, while the live function of the spindle allows turning and milling operations to be done in a single set up.

Additional Information

Turning Table Dia

Max Workpiece Swing

Max Turning Dia

Max Turning Length

Max Turning Height

X-axis Travel

W-axis travel

Z-axis Travel

Max. Table Load

Turning Table Speed

Turning Table Motor Power

Turning Table Torque

Spindle taper

Spindle speed

Max Spindle Output Torque

Spindle Type

Rapid Feedrate (X axis)

Rapid Feedrate (Z axis)

Rapid Feedrate (W-axis)

Feedrate (X and Y axes)

Tool Storage Capacity

Standard Floor Space