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CMZ TD Z800-Z1350 Series lathes – TD25MS 


Additional Information

Max. Dia. swing over bed (mm)

Max. Dia. swing over slides (mm)

Max. turning Dia. (mm)

Distance between spindle and tailstock center (mm) Z800

Distance between spindle and tailstock center (mm) Z1350

Distance between center of spindles (mm)

X-axis travel (mm)

Z-axis travel (mm) Z800

Z-axis travel (mm) Z1350

Y-axis travel (mm)

B-axis travel (mm) Z800

B-axis travel (mm) Z1350

Fast feedrate X (m/min)

Fast feedrate Z (m/min)

Fast feedrate Y (m/min)

Fast feedrate B (m/min)

Axis acceleration

Max. bar dia. (mm)

Spindle power (kw) (max./S6 40%)

Turning torque (lb.ft)

Morse cone Dia. 150X150 ROTARY QUILL

Morse cone DIA. 110X150 ROTARY QUILL

Morse Cone DIA. 90x120 LIVE CENTER

Morse Cone DIA. 90x120 ROTARY QUILL

Tailstock travel (inch) Z800

Tailstock travel (inch) Z1350

Max. force (lbf)

Number of positions

Section of tools (mm)

Changing time

Interlocking force at 45 bar (kgf)

Number of driven tools

Turning speed (rpm)

Power (HP) (max./S1)

Max. torque (lb.ft

Max. speed (rpm)

Bearing outside dia. (mm)

Bearing inside dia. (mm)

Spindle nose

Spindle inside dia. (mm)

Bar dia (mm)

Chuck dia (mm)

Chuck bore (mm)

Power (HP) (max./ S6 40%)

Coolant tank (gal) Z800 REAR

Coolant tank (gal) Z1350

Hydraulic oil tank (liters)

Lubrication oil tank (liters)

Installed power KVA

Functioning voltage

Environmental temperature

Total weight (lb) Z800

Total weight (lb) Z1350

Dimensions (mm) TD Z800

Dimensions (mm) TDY Z800

Dimensions (mm) TD 1350

Dimensions (mm) TDY 1350

Inner volume (ft3) TD Z800

Inner volume (ft3) TDY Z800

Inner volume (ft3) TD 1350

Inner volume (ft3) TDY 1350