Gepard 32 SLY

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Gepard 32 SLY

Up to 7-axis, up to 42mm swiss-type CNC auto lathe w/gang static and driven tooling, Y-axis, 2 C-axes, and sub-spindle

Additional Information

Max Diameter

Max Machining Length Per Chuck

Max Drilling Diameter

Max Tapping Diameter

OD Tooling # of tools

OD Dimension

ID Tooling # of tools

ID Tooling Dimension

Cross working Drive # tools

Cross working Drive Dim.

Cross working Drive speed

Front working Drive # tools

Front working Drive Dim.

Front working Drive speed

Back working ID Drive # tools

Back working ID Drive Dim.

Back working Driven Tooling # tools (Slide 1)

Back working Driven Tooling Dimension (Slide 1)

Back working Driven Tooling # tools (Post 2)

Back working Driven Tooling Dim.

Back working Driven Tooling Speed

Main Spindle Dia.

Main Spindle Speed

Main Spindle Angular Movement

Main Spindle HP

Back Working Spindle Dia.

Back Working Spindle Speed

Back Working Spindle Max Length for front eject

Back Working Spindle Angular movement

Back Working Spindle HP