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The SB216 is fixed rail bridge machine designed for heavy cutting applications. This machine features roller guides, a hydraulic counterbalance system on the headstock, and a powerful spindle. These features allow for highly precise and accurate cuts without sacrificing speed.

The SB216YM model has extended Y-axis travel with 5-face machining capabilities to allow for the machining of complex workpieces. This machine features automatic tool changes in the vertical and horizontal orientations and offers automatic clamping of the headstock. Headstock options include 30 degree, 90 degree, extension, and manual universal.

Additional Information

Table size

X-axis Travel

Y-axis Travel

Y-axis Travel -YM Config

Z-axis Travel

Optional Z-axis Travel

Distance between columns

Max. Table Load

Spindle Output Torque

Spindle speed

Rapid Feedrate (X axis)

Rapid Feedrate (Y axis)

Rapid Feedrate (Z axis)

Max. Cutting Feedrate

Tool Storage Capacity

Standard Floor Space

Standard Net Weight